Monday, October 8, 2007


August 27th 2001

Public Notice:

To respond to the high levels of concern regarding the article published on the BBC website by senior correspondent Dave Williams last Thursday, we want to clarify and inform the public that whatever was mention in that article that damaged the reputation of our glorious company is nothing more than a misunderstanding.
We respect the work of mr. Williams in the BBC and in the Annual Biotechnology Review, however as many other foreign journalists in our great country he has been subject to bad translators and some culture shock.
We have met with mr. Williams and he has promised to write a new article that will rectify his over the top claims.
We are sorry if this has caused some inconveniences to our customers and rest assured that the name of our company will remain high.
Thanks to everyone for their loyalty and patience.

Zhejiang Co.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wikipedia entry on the poet Fei Shing

Fei Shing (Chinese: 李白; pinyin: Fei Shing) (712-770) was a Chinese poet, revolutionary and religious figure. Called the Poet Immortal, Fei Shing is often regarded, along with Du Fu, as one of the ten greatest poets in China's literary history
The poems attributed to him are the scriptural basis of Shinghism. Fei Shing is generally accepted to be an authentic historical figure however his life and accomplishments remain controversial to this date and create much debate among scholars.



Monday, September 17, 2007

Song of the Palace

Song of the Palace [712- 770]
Poem attributed to Fei Shing (Translation by Dr. Miriam Chang PhD):

The silk horizon extends beyond pale fires.
White clouds spring from unspoken words,
While precious elements are scattered from North to South.
Attached to shadows, these are reminders of eternal eyes.
Our hands are lifted to a porcelain sky that burns with desire
We wait for dawn, sleeping on the clear and cold grass
As night passes through a sea of lilies, I finally see,
A white temple that can not be reached by land.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Invitation from the Zhejiang Tealmport & Export Corporation

March 17th. 2001

Shi Feng has gained the trust of its costumers, year after year, by being committed to excellence and presenting the finest type of green tea found in the market. The public has chosen us as their favourite brand of green tea and have put us ahead of our most fierce Japanese competitors.
We in the Zheijiang Tealmport & Export Corporation are extremely thankful and invite everyone to come and join us in the first annual Green Tea Festival that will be held next Sunday in the Seagrass Mall at 11am. There will be live music, healthy snacks, public speakers and gifts.
Bring your whole family and friends.
Don't miss out!

Shi Feng

A public announcement frm the Zhejiang Tealmport & Export Corporation

A 2006 study published in the September 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded "Green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality due to all causes and due to cardiovascular disease..."

A German study found that an extract of green tea and hot water (filtered), applied externally to the skin for 10 minutes, three times a day could help people with skin damaged from radiation therapy (after 16-22 days).